Jake Nebel

A picture of Jake

I am a PhD candidate in the Philosophy Department at New York University. Before coming to NYU, I received a BPhil from Oxford in 2015 and an AB from Princeton in 2013. I am most interested in questions about value, morality, and rationality.

You can email me at jakenebel@nyu.edu.

Current Research Interests

  1. Population ethics
  2. Incommensurability and vagueness
  3. Cognitive biases
  4. Well-being
  5. Distributive ethics
  6. Normative reasons


  1. An Intrapersonal Addition Paradox. Manuscript.
  2. The Good, the Bad, and the Transitivity of Better Than. Noûs, forthcoming (Early View 2017): doi:10.1111/nous.12198
  3. Priority, Not Equality, for Possible People. Ethics, 127(4), July 2017: 896-911.
  4. Status Quo Bias, Rationality, and Conservatism about Value. Ethics 125(2), January 2015: 449-76.
  5. A Counterexample to Parfit's Rule Consequentialism. Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, 6(2), 2012: 1-10.


Competitive debate got me interested in philosophy when I was in high school. I now run Victory Briefs: we publish debate handbooks and direct summer workshops in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia. I have written about teaching philosophy through Lincoln-Douglas debate (Teaching Philosophy 36(3), 2013: 271-89) with Peter van Elswyk, Ben Holguin, and Ryan Davis.

I am a member of Giving What We Can.