Jake Nebel

A picture of Jake

I am a PhD candidate in philosophy at NYU. Starting fall 2019, I'll be an assistant professor of philosophy at USC. Before coming to NYU, I received a BPhil from Oxford in 2015 and an AB from Princeton in 2013.

I work mostly on questions in normative ethics and the theory of value. My interests in those areas include the ethics of population, distribution, and risk; incommensurable and vague value relations; the normative significance of various cognitive biases and violations of expected utility theory; and the nature, content, and importance of well-being. I am also interested in reasons, propositions, and questions.

You can email me at jnebel@usc.edu.


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  2. Hopes, Fears, and Other Grammatical Scarecrows. The Philosophical Review, forthcoming.
  3. Normative Reasons as Reasons Why We Ought. Mind, forthcoming.
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